Open Data Camp – on tour

The Open Data CharabangOpen Data Camp is an event for the open data movement. We are moving around the UK, and so far have visited the following locations:

  1. Winchester (England), Feb 2015
  2. Manchester (England), Oct 2015
  3. Bristol (England), May 2016
  4. Cardiff (Wales), Feb, 2016
  5. Belfast (Northern Ireland), Oct 2017
  6. Aberdeen (Scotland), Nov 2018
  7. London (England), Nov 2019
  8. Wolverhampton (England), Jul 2023

We really welcome suggestions on where we should hold future events.

Are you interested in your city hosting a future Open Data Camp? You are – that’s brilliant!

The following is a brief list of the key criteria we look at when considering potential locations:

  • A suitable venue, with good wifi, available from 8am sat to 5pm sat / sun
  • Needs to be able to accommodate approx 150 people
  • Accessible venue, ideally on one level
  • Main hall, with 4+ rooms suitable for break out sessions
  • Good transport links (car, public transport)
  • Access to local accommodation
  • On site refreshments / tea, coffee & cakes
  • On site catering for lunch / or proximity to choice of cafes, takeaways etc nearby
  • An area we can display drawings produced by our event artists

Locations meeting the above criteria are very likely to be considered suitable.

When choosing locations, we will also take into account location and timing of previous (and planned) Open Data Camps, costs, local support and potential to help with marketing, and also other similar events in the area.

If you are still interested, please:
drop us a line at