Open Data Camp 6: Day Two Pitched

A sunnier morning, a later start. Coffee and butteries consumed. It must be…

Pitchin’ time.

  • Diversity and inclusion in #OpenData – this is a very white and male Open Data Camp – lute’s talk about changing that
  • Open Data – Health & Social Care. What is it. Where is it and how can we add to it responsibly?
  • Open Contracting Data – let’s talk about it
  • Crowd-sourced data quality issues

* Data quality is important – should there be a quality process before it is published?
* Structured data, authoritative data & registers
* What Open Standards should Government mandate?

  • Open Data Events – what could be better? What was good? How should you run an event?
  • Joy Diversion – ODI Manchester project. Let’s do a Lite version in Aberdeen!
  • If you are private sector, why would you care about Open Data?
  • How can government organisation be better producers of data?

  • What are the limits of Big Data?
  • The balance between confidentiality and utility in open data.
  • The UK Government is regularly the top performer in releasing open data – but UK local government is terrible at it. Why?

  • Building engagement around open data – how do we do that well?
  • Geospacial Committee and the National GeoSpacial Strategy
  • Tools – for gathering and sharing data. What they use. What they don’t use. And what’s missing?
  • Use of Open Data in the wider economy
  • How do we raise awareness and discoverability of open data?
  • DCMS Loneliness Strategy – data to bring people together.