Sponsors (Feb 2015)

Many thanks to all our original sponsors, without whom it simply wouldn’t be possible to hold Open Data Camp in February 2015.

Event Sponsor

HCClogoTIFcolouronwhitebackgroundHuge thanks to our event sponsor, Hampshire County Council, for letting us hold Open Data Camp at the Council’s fabulous headquarters building in Winchester. You can find lots of data and other stuff like Area Profiles over on the Hampshire Hub, which is built on 5 star linked open data.


Main Sponsor

Open Addresses UK logoAt Open Addresses, we are bringing together information about the places where we live, work and go about our daily lives. By gathering information provided to us by people about their own addresses, and from open sources on the web, we are creating an open address list for the UK, available to everyone. Find out more and submit an address at https://openaddressesuk.org



Drawnalism Logo OnlyDrawnalism® is for drawing knowledge. We make ‘In-the-Moment’ live recordings of events, conferences and meetings for our customers. 

We produce work in person or online, using paper or pixels.

Basic CMYKThe Food Standards Agency is an open, transparent and independent government department responsible for food safety and hygiene across the UK.

We work with businesses to help them produce safe food, and with local authorities to enforce food safety regulations. We provide open data about food.


nquiringminds logoNquiringminds specialises in enterprise mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and Telematics solutions. In 2014, Nquiring minds introduced the Open City Data Platform (OCDP), a management platform, from which the essential data and processes within a smart city can be controlled, using easy to use web based technologies.

ocsi_logoOCSI work with public and community organisations to improve services. We turn complex datasets into engaging stories, and make data, information and analysis accessible for communities and decision-makers. A spin-out from Oxford University, we have helped 100s of public and community sector organisations to make their services more efficient and effective.

ONS logoThe Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and the recognised national statistical institute of the UK.

The ONS is committed to releasing as much data as possible under the ‘Open Government License’ and as such is one of the largest providers of [Government] open data in Europe.

OS-Standard-Logo-Landscape-RGBOrdnance Survey OS is Britain’s mapping agency. We make the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country. But we’re also a digital business, and we use our content to help governments, companies and individuals be more effective both here and around the world.

swirrl logo croppedSwirrl are data publishing specialists: freeing up and linking Open Data so it’s both useful and used. Founded in 2008 by brothers Ric and Bill Roberts, it’s since grown to be a small, brilliant team of creative technologists based in Manchester and Stirling.