Volunteer Guidelines

Event Volunteer – Open Data Camp

About Open Data Camp

Open Data Camp is a 2-day unconference all about using, releasing and talking about open data to improve society.

Opportunity Description

Join Open Data Camp’s enthusiastic organising team at the next Open Data Camp – and be part of this enjoyable event!

At each Open Data Camp we need people to help staff the event and ensure participants have a successful weekend. It’s a great way to be (more) involved with Open Data Camp!

Volunteering is great fun first and foremost, but also really rewarding! You get to be there for participants during their Open Data Camp sessions, to show them how much their commitment means to Open Data Camp and to help make it a memorable weekend.

What activities will I be involved in?

As part of the event, roles could include:

  • Helping at the Open Data Camp registration desk

  • Helping to transcribe the agenda onto a Google Sheet

  • Directing participants to sessions

  • Taking notes/photos/filming at some of the many sessions

  • Social media reporting

What benefits will I receive?

In return, as one of Open Data Camp’s event volunteers you’ll benefit from:

  • helping people interested in learning and sharing about open data

  • being part of a fun, enthusiastic and supportive team

  • briefing and support on the days

  • opportunity for a great weekend

  • the opportunity to boost your CV

  • You’ll also receive complimentary food and hot drinks over the weekend, and you’re welcome to join in any additional social activities before or after the event

Skills / Qualifications required

We are looking for people able to support the smooth running of the event, people who enjoy being part of a team, who are reliable and like helping others! You don’t need previous experience and all briefings and support will be given on the day.

Please note event volunteer roles are usually confirmed over the weekend of the event.

What’s the next step?

If this sounds like you and you want to have fun and make a difference then contact the organising team and we will then arrange for you to speak with the Organising team person/people responsible for volunteers.


A Warm Welcome

A designated person will greet volunteers on the day. They will thank the volunteer for their time and emphasise how important their contribution is going to be before they get started. They will run through things such as health and safety. They will make sure everyone knows each other before we get started, and give them a chance to ask any questions. They will also ensure the volunteers have everything they need (volunteer t-shirt, secure storage). Volunteers will be set up to succeed

Volunteers WILL HAVE specific tasks

We will make sure every volunteer knows what they are expected to do. We will try to switch volunteers between tasks to make it fair and enjoyable.

Our volunteers will have structure, but freedom too

We know this sounds a little contradictory. Structure in the sense that we will aim to make sure everyone knows how long they will be needed, and have a clear system for breaks as well as taking part in some of the sessions. Freedom meaning we will be flexible with our volunteers and make sure they feel empowered.

Who’s responsible?

We will make sure volunteers know who to go to if they need help with a task. We aim to have small groups of volunteers reporting to a respective team leader or volunteer supervisor.

Checking in with our volunteers

We will recognise when people want to take on more responsibility, and be flexible if a volunteer is struggling with a task. It’s important for us to make sure volunteers are happy working with each other too. We will endeavour to support any volunteer who has a difficult experience as soon as the volunteer needs it and not put it off to when we have the time!

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