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Open Data Camp 9

We’d love to see you

We are conscious that Open Data Camp could be more diverse and are working to open up the event to more people in Manchester.

For Open Data Camp 9, the volunteers who put on this year’s open data camp have introduced a few new measures and retained some old ones to ensure that this year’s camp hopefully is easy to attend for as many people as possible. 

Event tickets are free

Firstly, our tickets are available now and they are free. You can get those on Eventbrite and we welcome everybody to attend the event.

Childcare at the event

Secondly, this year we’re working with Sweetheart Nannies who are an OFSTED-approved nanny agency to provide childcare at the event itself.

To take advantage of this, all we ask is that you let us know how many children may be attending and their age when you’re booking your tickets for the event. This is so we can ensure that we have as many accredited nannies on site as is needed. Please email us at We do need to let Sweetheart by Friday June 7th how many children they will be looking after, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

Subsidised accommodation

We’ve also worked with Manchester University to provide halls of residence accommodation at a discounted rate for those who are attending the event.

You can book these for the Friday and for the Saturday night when you’re booking your tickets for the event. We’ve tried to keep the prices for these as low as possible.


We’ve also made bursaries available so that we can help anybody who wants to attend the event and has any additional needs that could need financing, whatever they may be. 

We want to ensure that this process is as easy for everybody as it can be. When you book your tickets via Eventbrite, you’ll also receive a link to a simple form that will ask for a brief breakdown of the bursary you need, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. If you have already got a ticket, please email at and we’ll send you the form link.

You tell us!

And finally, please do get in contact if there are other things that you feel that we can do to make the event more accessible to you.

We believe that the open data community is an open community and we want to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to back that up with this event in Manchester.