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Open Data Camp 8: Ready, set, pitch!

The first thing to know about unconferences is that there’s no agenda.

What happens is decided by the participants. People make a 30 second pitch for a session, and everyone votes for whether they want to go along. The campmakers keep track and use sticky-notes to draw up a grid of what is happening where.

Pitching for Open Data Camp 8 has just been taking place in the auditorium of the University of Wolverhampton’s Springfield Campus (described, fairly, by someone walking in as: “A lot posher than your average unconference.”

Drawnalism of the Open Data Camp 8 Pitching for sessions on day one #ODCamp - at University of Wolverhampton
Pitches for sessions at #ODCamp 9 on 2023-07-01

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Helloooo Wolverhampton!

Welcome to the Live Blog for Open Data Camp 8.

We’re at the University of Wolverhampton’s Springfield Campus, which is a modern building, updating a brewery, and who couldn’t like that? Ahead of us lie two days of ‘unconferencing’ about all things open data.

Stand by for updates on the pitching, the discussions about the hot topics in data collection and use, and some great examples of why open data really matters. It’s going to lively, it’s going to be FUN…