Open Data Camp 2 – It’s on like Donkey Kong

We, The Organisers of Open Data Camp, do hereby announce that we have started to think about ODCamp 2. The success of the first ODCamp meant that it would be wrong to not have another one.

We have had a couple of hangouts, and the main topic of conversation so far has revolved around what to call the next Open Data Camp. Pole position so far is ODCamp 2 -The Wrath of Maude. We are open to suggestions.

Probably more importantly though, is where and when to hold ODCamp2. In Winchester, we all agreed that we would like to move ODCamp around the country and that the North would be a good next destination. In terms of a rough date, we had it pointed out that holding ODCamp on International Open Data Day was actually a bad move, as it detracted from local ODD events. We also know that we need to keep the momentum that we’ve started to build. With that in mind, we are proposing that ODCamp 2 takes place somewhere in the North, some time in Autumn. We are also suggesting that ODCamp slowly makes its way up North, and stops off in the West Midlands, at Blue Light Camp on the 6th and 7th June 2015, for a bit of open data/emergency services mashup action.

Unsurprisingly, given ODCamp’s success, we have already had enquiries from organisations who want to host ODCamp2. In the spirit of openness and transparency, we would now like to invite expressions of interest to host ODCamp2 (not like a big formal tender process – just trying to make sure we do our best to get it right)

We have come up with a few points that any expression of interest will need to address, to try and ensure we have another successful camp:

  • A venue with a big room that can hold up to 200 people (not necessarily seated)
  • the venue should also have at least 4 breakout rooms
  • Transport to and from the venue should be good
  • Accommodation should be plentiful, with the possibility of securing deals for attendees
  • Entertainment nearby
  • Excellent WiFi capabilities
  • A local person able to work with the organisers
  • Free/cheap and available in Autumn
  • Catering (tea / coffee / sandwiches / cake)

If you know of someone or somewhere in the North who has an appetite for hosting the next full ODCamp – maybe write a blog piece expressing interest and demonstrating how the above points will be met, and link to it in the comments below here. Or simply put the details straight into the comments. The more info the better. We will then review all the suggestions, in the week of the 13th April, and then make some sort of announcement.

Also, any suggestions for a name gratefully received – in the comments, please…


The Organisers

3 thoughts on “Open Data Camp 2 – It’s on like Donkey Kong

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  2. Hi Jamie – I’m already looking forward to ODCamp2! I’m afraid I can’t help with a venue, but Swirrl would be happy to contribute some sponsorship to food and drink again.

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