Trying something new: Skills Swap

Post-It note with the words 'I want to know ...'Open Data Camp 3 is not far away now! We thought this year we’d ask for suggestions in advance for content and features, and one of the ones we liked very much is that we should have some sessions geared towards learning a new tool or skill. We certainly have enough people attending to match up the experts with the curious learners – so we have a cunning plan to make that happen.

What you will see, when you arrive, is an extra section at the Registration desk where we will ask you what you know, or what you’d like to know. We will add wants and offers to a session grid until we think we have enough to organise a series of short workshop sessions. Then we will set up one of the spaces at the venue as a ‘learning corner’ with a table and chairs, maybe a projector and screen, and tell people when each workshop session is about to start.

And that’s it! I’m very much in favour of not complicating it any further than that. Drop me a line if you have any thoughts about what to include, or if you want to request or offer a particular topic.