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Open data platform requirements

Open data platform requirements, Bristol, capture

What should an open data platform look like? This was the question addressed by a session triggered by Martin Howitt of ODI Devon in relation to Bristol’s plans to develop its platform.

“[There is] an open data platform that was brought in by the council [to release] data sets, but it wants to move on to next level: e.g. citizen sensing projects, citizen data sets, information from third sector and even private sector partners,” he said.

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Better Highways with Open Data

Highways open data issues capture

Highways may look like the perfect area for open data initiatives. There is lots of data about highways assets; there is public demand for new services, such as websites or apps through which they can report potholes; and councils have incentives to get involved.

As Teresa Jolly, the leader of a session on highways pointed out, councils need to start making better use of their data, because people are saying:

We have all these new demands on us, and we have no money. How can we start talking to our communities about meeting their real needs without breaking the bank.

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Improving local highways with open data

Are you already, or keen to improve local highways using open data? Are you developing apps / solutions, but not sure how to pitch them?

Obligatory picture of a road
Could you help improve the condition of our local highways network?

At Open Data Camp Bristol 2016, there’s an ideal opportunity to put your their skills to use to assist local authorities improve the condition of our local highways network. Here are some things we need help with:

  • What open data tools or methods would you recommend to local authorities and contractors?
  • Identify the key issues for collaboration with open data groups (e.g., Open Streetmap) outside the traditional highways industry

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