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Stand back behind the yellow line, day two will be arriving shortly

Day one of Open Data Camp 8 finished with drinks at the very fine Great Western Railway pub. And now we’re back at the University of Wolverhampton’s Springfield Campus for day two. Take your seats for another round of pitching and grid development: this unconference will be arriving shortly.

Open Data Camp 8 at the University of Wolverhampton Springfield Campus, with the old Springfield Brewery gate in the background.

So, following a small incident with a deer leaping over a car parked near the local canal, here comes the outcome of the pitching session.

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Data and representation

Julian Tait, the chief executive of the Open Data Manchester CIC, opened this discussion by saying that “a lot of data comes from a very top-down, managerial perspective.” It “tries to put people in boxes” that “don’t fit their lived experience” and that leads to “poor decision making.”

So, he asked, “how can we as data practitioners make sure data better represents the people we want to serve” and “we don’t get so much sh*t policy.”

Specifically, he said, his organisation is working on a project to tackle violence against women and girls. Often, initiatives in the space focus on better lighting, or more police, when the feedback is this doesn’t work – and those affected might have completely different ideas.

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