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Is it getting hot in here?

Lisa Allen said MenopauseX came out of Women in Data, which was set up to address barriers to women taking up employment.

A high proportion of women drop out in their 50s, as they go through perimenopause or menopause. So, MenopauseX is looking for data that can explain this. “We are looking for a smoking gun,” Lisa said.

“We publish stats for population, and aging, but there are other data sets that might be useful, like how many women go part-time, or drop out? “How can we get data out of companies to help them tackle these issues? What I want to get out of this session is help – how do we do this?”

One participant suggested one challenge is that it can be hard to disentangle issues connected with the menopause from issues associated with mid-life in general – weariness, caring for elderly relatives, careers stalling.

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