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Opening up research data

Can we — and should we — free up more research data as open data? A Open Data Camp 6 panel addressed this head on.

One attendee has working with data about rocks rolling down rivers – there are platforms like FigShare that people use, that are more document management. There’s also a reluctance to publish raw data rather than process data, which is much less useful. There’s a huge amount of opportunity here, as open research is something people are just not doing.

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Innovation, Interaction and Open Data

Innovation – in numerous spheres, but especially in the economic – is one of the key putative benefits of Open Data. However, innovation is a complex and rarely solo activity.

Multiple inputs are required to create new products, services or efficiencies. It’s therefore unsurprising that ‘user innovation communities’ are visible all over. [1]

In my research, I’ve been looking at communities with proven innovation records – those of open source software – to identify exactly what activities are taking place that enable innovation.

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