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ODCamp 7: Thank you and goodbye


And so, as night draws in, the latest Open Data Camp draws to a close. Thank you to all the sponsors, the camp organisers, and the campers. Open Data Camp moves around: it has now been in Aberdeen, Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Manchester and Winchester. Where will it be next? That depends on… someone volunteering to take it on…

If you are interested in hosting the event, then get in touch. But, for now, catch up on all the blog posts, Tweet (using the hashtag #ODCamp), blog, and generally pass on all the good stuff from two great days. And we’ll see you at the next one.

ODCamp 7: The ROI of Open Data

How do we show the value of opening up data? That was the question asked by Dan Winchester, who runs a company called Get the Data, in the second round of sessions at Open Data Camp 7.

“I am a data publisher and also a data consumer,” he explained. “I create data sets and put them out in the world and people consume that data. But I have very little information about what is created. Is there value: economic, or social from it? That makes it hard for me to know whether I am putting resources into the right place.

“While, as a data consumer, I am seeing benefits from using data, but do the people who are publishing the data aware of those. Am I doing as much as I could do to help them make the case for allocating resources to the data I am benefiting from?”

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