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Wardley Maps and Open Data: a discussion

A session on Wardley Maps and value chains, led by Jonathan Kerr. Liveblogged notes – prone to error, inaccuracy and howling crimes against grammar and syntax. Post will be improved in the coming days.

What are Wardley Maps?

A map is a thing that shows a space – where things are in relationship to each other, as well as the overall concept. All models are, by nature, simplifications. You could make an accurate map of France, but it would be unwieldy…

You can map a blue chain by mapping all the components into an end result – but you don’t need to map every single element, just the ones that are important to you.

As you move along the value chain, you increase repeatability:

  • Genesis – the original concept. (R&D)
  • Custom – you start making it (bespoke elements)
  • Product – you start making machines to make the thing. It become replicable
  • Utility – available as a service. Think of APIs, charged on per use basis.

This isn’t a linear process – things move in and out of categories. By mapping the parts of the value chain through this grid, you can spot where you have elements of your process which are costing you disproportionate amounts of money.

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