Drawnalism at Open Data Camp 3

The team from Drawnalism will be doing livecapture of many of the sessions through the two days of Open Data Camp.

In essence, we will be taking notes of what’s discussed both in text and visually, and publishing them in short order for your reference. In many sessions, we’ll have two people doing livecapture – an artist, working on large sheets of paper, and a liveblogger, who will be typing furiously on a laptop throughout the session.

We’ll be publishing the results on the Open Data Camp website within a short period of the sessions finishing. Watch out for updates on posts going up on the @ODCamp Twitter account. And feel free to grab us between sessions if you have any feedback – or corrections – on what we’ve captured.

The @Drawnalism team at Open Data Camp 3 is comprised of:


  • Matthew Buck
  • Royston Robertson


  • Lyn Whitfield
  • Adam Tinworth

Open Data Camp 3 Bristol 2016 Drawnalism