Open Data Camp 3 is underway: session pitching

ODCamp 3 Pre Work_3 small

And we’re off. Open Data Camp 3 (Bristol!) is underway. Probably about a third of the attendees are Open Data Camp veterans.

It’s pitching time. Let’s hunt for some themes:

Education and access

  • Making data available for community groups
  • Make data meaningful through art
  • Building data literacy through stories
  • Making open data easier
  • Undercover open data – taking the covers off

Government data

  • DEFRA want to know what they can help with
  • Land Registry data – who are – and could – people use it more?
  • Citizen participation in open data
  • Local government data – from a policy perspective

Earth and beyond

Developing data

  • Connecting linked data
  • Opening up business data
  • Innovation and open data
  • Open data fusion – linking data sets to make something more interested
  • Little data – more data as part of natural processes
  • Co-create data and licences
  • Getting away from the long tail of unused data

Learning and sharing

Sounds like a bunch of fun – let’s see how the next two days go.