Open Data Camp 3: Day 2

A more relaxed – and by that, I mean “later” – start to the morning for most attendees, with one notable exception:

Others stood up for their own morning choices:

Still, it was an achievement worth celebrating:

Pitchy McPitchface

ODCamp Day Two 2 Pitches

A much more practical set of pitches this morning:

The old faithful

  • Data Standards

Hands on

  • Open street map editing
  • Drupal and open data
  • Community weather data collection
  • Blockchain and bitcoin
  • Open data Q&A

Telling data’s stories

  • Hacking the hack – other routes to open data engagement
  • Gathering stories about linked data
  • Creative writing inspired by data

The Unkeynote

  • Mechanisms for advocating and lobbying for open data at the policy level