Open Data Camp 4: Sunday’s Pitches

It’s Sunday. Day Two. We’re starting a little late, possibly because a few people are looking rather tired, and a little sore…

But, hang last night’s revels! It’s time to… pitch!


  • Star Wars to SETI: what’s completely secret, what’s open and collaborative data – and is there anything in the middle?
  • Really goo examples of open data in local government – and data-base collaboration
  • A Tale of Two Data Sets – how government can use data more effectively
  • Google Analytics workshops – a data dive into your analytics with top 10 tips for making or saving money, and Google Data Studio


  • Data wrangling/ETL challenges
  • Open Street Map – how to edit it.
  • What should the UK Open Street Map user group do? What would you like us to do?
  • How can we contextualise data (specific example: road traffic accident data)

  • A thought experiment: what are the evil uses of open data?

  • What makes a good open data API?

  • A virtual arboretum for Bristol, a virtual representation of the artwork in Cardiff: what are people doing with data-based AR? Pokémon Go for tree.

  • How do you sustain senior sponsorship?
  • What models are people using for engaging with data owners? Tactics and techniques for getting data published.
  • Does the data add up and get used to predict things?
  • Data about events – networks and knowledge sharing
  • What would you like from an ODI node. Not THE ODI – ODI nodes.

  • Tasty Data – internationalising a standard using the example of food.
  • How do we induct colleagues into the open data cult?
  • Platform co-operatives – co-ops that surround a digital platform. Could we use that in open data?
  • New Newbies or New questions…
  • Responsible storytelling in visualisation