Open Data Camp 4: The Pitches

Wales. Cardiff. The Pierhead. 10.30 on a Saturday morning. It must be Open Data Camp. It must be time for… The Pitches!


(If you’re not familiar with unconferences, this is were attendees suggest the sessions they’d run, and the rest votes…)

  • Mapping open data ecosystems – to better understand who is using and creating data and how value is being created. Diagrams, knowledge, insight…
  • Does data visualisation matter in the open data community? This is an emissary from the Tableau community – can we bridge the two?
  • We’re seeing open data withdrawn and restricted in the US and UK. Are open data businesses viable in the current environment? Let’s do a SWOT analysis…
  • The great data portal debate – is it right in 2017 that their should be a single place you go to for data? A pro and against fight…
  • How to make sense of data sources without a subject expert to hand.
  • The best way to release open data is in PDF. Or maybe Microsoft Word as a close second. (Not really.) But which open data standards should government be mandating?

  • Can citizens help in improving data coverage and quality? Could we have a to and fro of data rather than a pipeline.
  • Am I researcher or an evangelist, as a user researcher? If we start becoming evangelists – does that taint the data or make it better?

  • Can we bring to life static PDFs and graphs – and how?
  • What are the high impact challenges we can solve with data? This is to feed a project called Data Pitch.
  • How can open data help increase the number of welsh speakers?
  • Statistical issues in open data?
  • Incentives for opening academic research.


  • A small community group win the north east of England meets up once a month. Let’s share experiences with other groups.
  • User engagement – what’s the best way of doing it?
  • What should the open data group in Wales do with open data – and why?
  • Ordnance Survey open data – what are you doing with it, and why? They want to hear…
  • What opportunities are we missing by trapping our data in Excel?
  • Addresses are really important – how do we reboot the open addresses project?

  • Open Street Map UK is a recent community interest company. Next week it has a “what shall we do?” meeting – give us some ideas.
  • Open data for newbies. This is for the people who don’t get the PDF jokes.
  • How can we prove that opening data is a good thing. everyone fixates on downloads and case studies. Are their other ways?
  • How can ONS work with local open data and data science groups to improve things?
  • Linked data: what is it, and what do you want from a linked data portal?
  • Open data: what are the barriers for SMEs?
  • Project show and tell
  • Playing with data – and data in Minecraft!
  • Hardware hacking – an open chat
  • Ladybird book of Open Data – who wants to make one?
  • Librarians – let’s get together.
  • Tasty data – how can open data save lives? Accessible restaurant scores improve hygiene and save lives. How can we implement the US system here?

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