Open Data Camp 5: the pitches

A very warm (and windy) welcome from Belfast, where we’re just getting underway with Open Data Camp 5. The pitches are about to begin…

Pauline Roche is talking us through the process. There are a lot of unconference first-timers here. But, now they’re briefed, let the pitching begin


  • Open Data Horror stories – to allow policy development – and risk assessment.

  • Are you the missing (open data) link? What’s your role – who depends on you, and whom do you depend on?
  • Volunteering as a data scientist for charity – what’s the supply chain of data?
  • Open registers – and connecting them to GPs
  • Every Politician – why WikiData is the future of it.
  • Open data impact: measurement, demand drives, supporting bodies and standardisation.
  • What is the least effort to make our open data services better?
  • Dogfooding for revenue. Data is not just something we stick out, but something we use.
  • Open data for newbies
  • What does the Government Digital Service need to do to engage better?
  • Using open data for creating neighbourhood plans
  • The Government should be testing the value of open data by releasing some sets – would it work?
  • What does the very best open statistic look like?

  • Identifiers for organisations and people.
  • Public wifi data – what could people do with it?
  • What data set are you working on that isn’t getting enough coverage in the press?
  • Open data for fun and education

  • How can a data geek help you?
  • Different approaches to validation.
  • People who collect open data – crowdsourcing. (Open Streetmap, Open Plaques, Open Benches)
  • Open Data Maturity Framework – learn more or contribute
  • Efficiency gains in Government through open data.
  • What could you use LPWAN for? (Low power, wide area network – connecting Internet of Things devices to the cloud)
  • How do people want their local authority data delivered – and what data do you want?
  • Using open data to bring divided communities together.
  • Open data platform fight camp!

And… we’re done.