Open Data Camp 7: Day One Pitches

Drawnalism catching the pitches for Open Data Camp 7 Day One

Open Data Camp 7 is underway — and this time, we’re in London. With rain driving outside, the Geovation offices are bright and buzzy, and a new wave of campers is waiting to pitch sessions.

Here’s what’s being offered for today:

  • Sparql 101 – hands on session for linked data
  • Decolonising data – colonising hasn’t ended for some countries. For example, Nigeria only became independent in 1960 – that impacts on the data sets
  • So you want to start an open data business? Learn and share.
  • Where does stuff come from – and where does it go? Data for supply and waste chains.
  • What is non-commercial when it comes to database licences? A discussion.
  • What should we teach the kids about data?
  • How do we open a toilet data set? Business models for data providers.
  • Metadata, especially qualitative metadata – how do we communicate bias and make it somewhat machine readable?

More Drawnlaism of the Open Data Camp 7 Day One pitches

  • How do you build a data ecosystem in a low tech environment? (Working with small charities and organisations)
  • “I can’t make it open, it’s a safety thing!” – what’s the best responses to that?
  • Community-led open data platforms – can we have multiple owners? What’s the best model?
  • Bad data (collection of) – some data is very badly collected, and presented as being better than it is…
  • Data and open data strategy campfire.
  • Sorting out configuration so we can get on with doing cool stuff
  • CSV on the web – let’s talk about this standard
  • Open data is important to fact-checking – how could they work better together?
  • Can we use open data to contribute to combatting climate change?
  • How can publishers keep in contact with consumers better?
  • Open data to and for charities – let’s discuss
  • Pillars of power to open data – how can we get hold of the data we need?